Why I Think I'm Good Enough

What's going on you guys. This is my very first blog and I'm excited to share it with you all. As you can see by the title it's a deep subject. If you have heard my music, some would agree that I am good enough to match up with the industries best!!! Others would wholeheartedly disagree to that statement. I used to side with the ones who disagree.

I have been making music for over ten years now. I have been calling myself an independent artist for only a couple of years. I put my first project out in 2014 called "Pencil Me In". I went by the name Streets Poet. It was a fulfilling feeling after a year in a half of putting up my own money to get that particular project off the ground. Once it was out, you could not tell me anything. I felt I had reached a goal I have been aiming to achieve since I was the age of twenty-one. The most humbling thing is seeing your efforts not get recognized. I lost confidence when my project did not sale, stream or download like I thought it would. Of course, I didn't have the bank major labels have to market the project in a way that would of done myself justice. But what I was doing, I thought, would help the number one marketing tool everyone in this business or any business wants. WORD OF MOUTH!!! I thought throwing it up on Facebook would get my friends to check it out and re-post it and there would be a domino effect. I thought throwing up a few songs on YouTube would do the same thing. No fire storm on Facebook nor on YouTube. I started posting links of my songs to hundreds of people on Twitter hoping the same thing would happen. Not so. Views went up a little, but that's it. I got a few comments that the music was dope, and that was it. The reaction was not what I expected. This is where my confidence was shot. I have always been a person with shaky confidence, so going through that just destroyed it. I started to second guess myself. I came to the conclusion that I was not good enough to capture the imagination of the people. Depression started to set in. I almost gave up because of it. I use to say, what am I doing wrong? Are my bars not good enough? Is the production selection I'm selecting not catchy or moving? So many questions I asked myself. I really started to go down a dark road when I heard what they call mumble rap catch on. I gave up, multiple times. So why now do I think I am good enough to compete with my peers after all of that? Because I told myself and hear evidence that I am good at what I do. Some may disagree but that's fine. Some people will say Lil Uzi Vert is better than Drake. Okay. The point I am trying to make is I can make records that carry a message like Kendrick Lamar and Jay Cole. I can flip out with the bars like 2 Chainz or Royce Da 5'9. I can make love records, dance joints, I can make music to make you think and story driven songs. I can do it all and not be afraid to use beats some artist would be afraid of using. Because I don't receive the amount of views, streams or sales others get does not mean I suck, it just means I need to market myself better. I need to go out with confidence and say, yo, listen to this. It's a really dope record and be confident in saying that. I am and will always be a student. I love to learn as much as I can doing what I love. My head is not up my own ass to recognize I can get better and need to in all areas. But one thing I know is that I am good enough to sit at the same table as all of the people I look up to in this industry. The lesson? Stay humble while being confident in anything that you do. Love!!!


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