What Are We Feeding Ourselves?

This sort of feels like I'm writing a college paper for my English professor. I will try to make this entertaining as possible because it is an important subject. I think it's important that we all think about what we are feeding ourselves in the way of food and entertainment. No, I am not that guy trying to preach to you about what you should watch or listen to. I'm an artist. I have made my share of ignorant music. The same goes with food. I don't eat healthy all the time. I'm just trying to educate us a little so you we can make a better decision when we do come across what I am talking about in this essay. If you feed yourself a straight diet of ignorant content, most likely you will become ignorant from it. It's just like eating the wrong foods. Eating a steady diet of fast foods, soda and junk, you ultimately become unhealthy and overweight. Don't brush this off. Good information and ignorance is about to follow.

You hear it all the time. Eating healthy and exercise can stop a lot of the problems we deal with today. But since we live in a fast paced I don't have time to cook world, we allow these problems to enter in and then want to do something about it. We love to live backwards don't we. It's the same when it comes to our entertainment intake. What? Is this dude really about to preach to me? No... but yes. Need an example? Let's use porn as one. If a guy watches porn ALL THE DAMN TIME, what do you think is going to happen? It will slowly start to affect how he views or interacts with women. I'm sure you can find a case study about it on Google. Or, you can just look in the mirror and ask yourself. And make sure you are being honest. All I'm saying is to much bad can only lead to bad things happening. That's with food, that's with entertainment, that is with anything. You have to find a balance. So what are we feeding ourselves? Healthy living goes a long way. I have been effected from my eating habits and at a time, my music has suffered as well because of my mental state. I want to share something with you. I am a diabetic. It's a funny story on how I found out I was apart of this 30 million plus club. I was involved with a beautiful woman at that time who was a rebound when I was in the Air Force. We messed around on numerous occasions, but after fifteen times to many, I started to feel sick. I started using the bathroom all the time, felt weak and was drinking everything I could get my hands on. I just really felt out of it. After a few days feeling like I was on fire, I finally went to see the doctor. I saw him on a Friday. I truly thought this chick gave me something. I went in ready to walk out to kill this girl. I told him the symptoms I was having and he was like, good news, it's not your girlfriend. Friend doc, friend. He said that sounds like the symptoms of diabetes. I knew of it but was not educated on what it really was. All I knew at the time was my cousin had it and she died from it. They took blood and said come back Monday to be evaluated. So over the weekend I was eating up everything. EVERYTHING WRONG!!! I was drinking soda, liquor and ate a lot of strawberry shortcake. A lot of strawberry shortcake. I come in Monday morning and the doctor asks how do I feel? I said I feel like shit!!! They take my blood and read my sugar count and he says you are going to the hospital right now. Long story short, I'm in the hospital for five days. My blood sugar was over nine hundred when he admitted me. I am now insulin dependent and reliant on sticking myself everyday so I do not become another statistic. I don't need anymore of those statistic titles. I'm black so I automatically come with at least twelve. So it goes back to me saying, what are we feeding ourselves? If you eat in an unhealthy manner, it will catch up to you. If you fill yourself with nothing but ignorant content, you will become what you are watching, reading or listening to. It's all about finding a balance. I like my ignorant stuff just like everyone else. I like eating ribs and cheeseburgers just like everyone else. I find a balance to where it is not killing me or destroying my intellect. A good friend of mine has educated me healthy living. She is a testament to sticking with and benefiting from her journey of educating others. She is the reason why I decided to write this piece. Healthy living helps you in reaching success. Healthy living is not just eating, but includes being healthy mentally and spiritually. You can accomplish A LOT being healthy in those areas. My advice, find a balance. Don't fill up on to much ignorant content (ratchet is funny and is needed, just not all the time), stay mentally sharp and treat your body with respect by eating healthy. At least more than 85 percent of the time. Love!!!

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